Sunday, December 19, 2010

Eight Crazy Nights

This month, we celebrated Claire's first Hanukkah -- and the first in our new house! Claire briefly paid attention to the candles and that was about it. Henry, on the other hand, was all in.

Here, he takes an opportunity to study a toy catalog. This is not a staged picture, I promise. He really does like to take his time on the potty. He comes by this trait honestly.

Ryanansky came over to light the candles one night (while his new baby sister was being born). He got a guitar, so now he and Henry can jam.

One of the biggest things on Henry's wish list was a scarf. (Yes, a scarf...we think because his stuffed bear wears one.)

21st Century Shabbat: Henry says the blessings while Pop and Gran Gran join in via Skype.

Claire enjoys one of her gifts -- Sophie the Giraffe. What's the difference between Sophie and a dog toy, you ask? Marketing. But she does love it.

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