Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sydney and Claire

So here are two pictures of Claire and her bestie Sydney having breakfast together.

Looks like these girls are...[puts on sunglasses]...a couple of cereal offenders. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah! [Cue CSI theme]

Flashback! Here's a pic of the girls from June-ish 2011...less hair, more drool....

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Glimpse at New Year's Eve

We celebrated New Years with friends at our house, including Sanders (age 4), Riley (3) and Etta (0).  It was a fun (and loud) (and sugar-filled) night...

Claire has lots of dolls she likes to play with, but this time she got to hold a real baby. Good thing for Etta that Claire didn't try to do to her what she does to her dolls -- strip them naked and swing them by their feet. And also sometimes hold them underwater.


This sundae buffet went a long way toward helping them see midnight (except Claire, who will have to give it another try in December 2013).

Happy New Year!

So here is what it sounds like when New Years is celebrated by the Disney Junior set: