Monday, September 9, 2013

A Football Weekend Through the Eyes of a Three-Year-Old

Here's the story of our football weekend in Oxford through Claire's eyes, since this was the first time she's been to a game when she was old enough to know what was going on ("going on" in a wow-look-at-that! way, not in a why-is-the-safety-shading-over-to-the-wideout-in-that-formation? way).

Getting to our tailgate...

Very happy in her new chair

Hanging out on a cooler eating her weight in chips, cake, olives, cookies and fruit.  Not pictured (and not touched by Claire): protein.

Our tailgate crew!

Finally, the game...

There are lots of smiles when it's 31-0 in the second quarter.

It took a real scrubbing the next morning to wash game day off of both of them.

We hit Bottletree Bakery on Sunday morning, natch.  Yeah, that's Henry eating the filling out of his brioche with a spoon.