Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Vacay

We spent a week in Hilton Head, S.C. earlier this month with the "Atlanta" aunts, uncles and cousins...and Gran Gran.  Fun ensued.

Ryananski's family was in Hilton Head at the same time and the boys spent a lot of beach time together making "sand balls."

The shady walk to the beach.

Henry and Claire enjoyed lots of ice cream during the week.  Returning to a non-vacation ice cream schedule required some adjustment.  

You couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting a cousin or two.

Maybe the greatest Hilton Head tradition of all -- sitting under the oak tree at sunset, listening to Gregg Russell.

Another early morning...

...and a morning bike ride.

One key to happy babies on the beach is lots of snacks.

Pippi Longstockings with Natalie

One last ice cream snack (Cookie Monster flavor) before heading home. She was about 10% of the way to a try-out.  Or not.