Sunday, September 27, 2009


Some of our (and Henry's) friends came over last night. When five kids running around got a little too loud, out came The Lion King. The voice of James Earl Jones soothed the savage beasts.

Hiding out. Did Ikea envision this use of its Björkås? I döubt it.

Teddy Graham snack while sitting on the counter. Not a part of snack time: the 40-year-old bottle of Old Crow in the background.

Celebrating Emmy's birthday with Hibachi...wanna see an egg roll?
Happy Sweet 16, Emmy!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cousin Aliza

Our cousin Aliza came to visit a couple of weeks ago. Henry is a really big fan. He spent most of the weekend saying, "Watch this, Aliza!" followed by a performance of some sort, including but not limited to hopping on one foot, drinking milk, playing with a toy car, or running in place. Whatever the feat, it was followed with "Did you see that?"

We spent Sunday afternoon at an arts festival. This picture was taken right after we got free samples of Fuze fruit juice, which occurred immediately after we paid $4.00 for lemonade.

Yep, Beatles: Rock Band! Here, it's Henry as George Harrison (guitar) and me as Ringo (drums). In this scenario, Aliza is Yoko and Alexis is the Maharishi.

Do you like my hat? A quick Go Dog Go before bed.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009