Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Couples Retreat

Emmy and Henry

Claire and Pop

Ryan and Henry (being silly before soccer)

Claire and Henry

Claire and Mommy

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Football Is Back

College football has made its glorious return. Which means that our weekend trips to Oxford have also returned. Here, Henry and tailgate buddies Stephen and Lizzie attempt to fire up the troops.

Claire made her Grove (actually, Circle) debut and was a big hit. She also got to meet Aunt Kitty for the first time! Like many other tailgaters, much of Claire's nourishment came from a bottle. But unfortunately for her, she could not supplement it with pork tenderloin, pasta salad, piminto cheese and Uncle Kevin's caramel cake.

At the game. For good or bad, Henry has learned how to yell for the Rebels. He now knows the "De-Fense" chant and also made up a cheer of his own: "Go Rebels! Put 'em in jail!" I think this comes from his belief that superheroes put the bad guys in jail. He also refers to the other team as "the bad guys."

For the record, Claire was 66 days old when she attended her first Ole Miss game (although she left in the second quarter). Don't worry, she was only in the sun long enough to take this picture.

At Gran Gran and Pop's house the next morning...with cousins Emmy, Lexie and Natalie who also made the trip.

Claire is lucky to have so many cousins ready to sing to her at a moment's notice!

We all had this look after the game was over...but it's much cuter on her.