Sunday, March 30, 2008

Vegas, Baby!

No sooner had we settled (somewhat) into our rental house in Dunwoody than Henry was off on another adventure. This time, to Las Vegas with his mom to visit his Great Grandma Sylvia and his two great aunts.

His Grandma Debby also met them there...

I can't believe this kid made it to the strip before me, but sure enough, here he is enjoying the Bellagio's dancing fountains.

Henry actually took this picture of the Chihuly ceiling inside the Bellagio. Nice composition...

This is supposedly the world's largest chocolate fountain, although I think I've seen at least two larger ones myself. Obviously, Henry is not impressed.

Nice quiet time with Aunt Pam.

Movin' Right Along...

"Movin' right along, foot-loose and fancy free. Gettin' there is half the fun, come share it with me." Or so go the words to one of the songs from Henry's favorite CD (The Muppets Greatest Hits, of course). Very appropriate considering that we all have moved right along, saying a sad goodbye to Mississippi (and, therefore, to Ichiban, Thacker Mountain Radio, coolickles, Hill Country Picnics, Big Truck Theater, Bottletree, gas station-sold pimento cheese, and the Shack-Up Inn) and a hello to Georgia (including boiled peanuts, Ikea, Dogwood Festivals, and severe drought).

Maybe it was foreshadowing when Henry used to spend much of the time on his changing table staring at this piece of folk art titled "Georgia Watermelon."

Henry adjusts the rear view mirror as he prepares for the journey ahead...

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Last Hurrah (Part III...Henry's First Crawfish Boil)

Because we're moving away from the crawfish culture, what better way to say goodbye than to take part in one last (or in Henry's case, first) crawfish boil?

Our friend Christal brought the crawfish and was busy most of the afternoon getting them ready. Henry enjoyed the pre-boiled crawfish a lot more than the cooked ones.

Mmmmmm, spicy.

Alexis and Julie have been sitting next to each other at work for six years! Now what?

After the crawfish boil, we did manage to sqeeze in a fourth meal at L&M's. Henry was in a great mood and had fun with Gran Gran and Pop. Pop had at least as much fun playing with Henry's toy cars.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Last Hurrah (Part II...White Death 2008)

We woke up Saturday morning in Oxford to a blanket of snow on the ground. We played in it for as long as we could considering that we didn't have our gloves with us. Snowmen and snow ice cream will have to wait until next time...

...because we were off to meet Henry's new friend, Sanders Mattox! Jonathan and Carmen are the proud parents of an 8-pound, 14-ounce (!), 21 1/4 inch-long baby boy. Henry can't wait to show Sanders the ropes.

Carmen did not appear to be suffering from any pain of the 7-10 variety.

The Last Hurrah (Part I)

Our last weekend in Mississippi was a busy one. Saying goodbye (or, see you soon) is always hard, but we did our best...

On Friday, we had lunch with friends from my office. Judy and Lesley helped keep Henry's belly full of milk and potato chips. (Not pictured: an exhausted, and soggy, Dwight Schrute bobble head.)

That night, we ventured out into a rare March snowstorm to Oxford where Alexis' office threw a going away party at Proud Larry's. This is Henry relaxing at the bar.

This is Henry trying to see if they serve milk on tap.

We're going to miss all of our friends at Howorth & Associates!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mr. Happy

The shirt says "Mr. Happy" and for the most part, that's true. One thing Henry loves to do now is to get on our bed, crawl as fast as he can to the pillows, then turn around and lay back on them like he's posing.

Enjoying one of the true literary classics of the 20th Century.

After a bath, Henry gets dry with his bear towel...