Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More Random Shots...

Here is another batch of random pictures we've taken over the last few weeks. Not much to say about them other than to point out the obvious fact that Henry has learned that when the camera comes out, the appropriate reaction is to open your mouth as wide as possible.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Saturday Fun

Henry had a big day on Saturday. We thought, since he loves to take baths so much, he might really love to go for a swim in a real pool. Turns out, we were right. In fact, just getting into his bathing suit for the first time was cause for celebration.

Thanks to Tom and Dorothy Howorth who generously let us use their pool, Henry had a great time kicking and splashing and lounging in the raft with his dad.

After a good meal, a bath and a disco nap, Henry had his first experience at Taylor Grocery. He's not quite ready for the catfish yet but he did enjoy the other big Taylor tradition: waiting for a table.

Once inside he got a little cranky, but he had help from some of his friends, including Baby Neptune, to keep him happy.

Kelley and Wayne--aka, The Disclaimers--kept us all entertained. (Henry fell asleep at 8:45 but that is no indication of the quality of the music.)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Gimme 5

Henry turned five months old on Father's Day! It's unreal that he has already been here for that long. Over the last few of weeks, he has really started to enjoy grabbing his feet in his hands, putting anything and everything in his mouth, rolling over and over and has started eating pears, applesauce and bananas. Thankfully, he does not do all of those things at the same time.

This last picture shows another new thing that Henry is doing: teething. He has taken drooling to an art form and has started biting/gumming things instead of just sucking.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Henry's Great Grandma Sylvia and Grandma Debby came to visit him last weekend. While he had already met and shown his affection for his Grandma, this was the first time he had ever met his Great Grandma...and he lit up every time he saw her. Whether it was her voice or her face, or just his love for a newly met relative, he smiled, laughed and cooed each time he looked her way.

On Monday, Henry's mom led them to Corinth to visit the Civil War Interpretive Center. Henry was wide awake for the whole trip and learned a lot. He is now able to discuss the many social and economic complexities that led to the Civil War.

Here, Henry basks in the attention of his Grandma and Great Grandma while Daphne patiently waits her turn.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Life Imitates Art

One of Henry's favorite books is called "Country Babies Wear Plaid." This morning at the Tupelo Farmers' Market, life imitated art as Henry sported this new plaid shirt and blended right in with the squash, beans, cucumbers and potatoes. He seemed to be disappointed at the lack of tomatoes, but he wasn't overly worried in light of the ten tomato plants he helped plant in his own backyard.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Loofah Ducky, You're the One...

Besides staring at the picture of a watermelon that hangs over his changing table, taking a bath is Henry's favorite thing to do. He loves it so much that taking him out of the water has proven to be a challenge. Once he's out, he's usually not happy until he's in his PJ's. In this picture, Henry shows off the delicate positioning of his ducky loofah.

The purpose of this picture was to show Henry's bath-time prune feet. But it also shows his habit of curling his toes and making fists with his feet à la Bruce Willis' jet lag solution in Die Hard. With or without curled toes, Henry's feet are a constant source of amusement.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Cereal and North Carolina

We apologize for not tending to this site for a while. Henry has been busy as ever, but our internet has been down and now Darrell is so busy that he is trusting me (Alexis) to update you.

Here goes....Henry has been enjoying (sort of) his first tastes of food via a spoon. He is getting a little more used to it, but still doesn't like the fact that he has to pause when we dip the spoon back in the bowl of rice cereal. These pictures are from day one of the rice cereal adventure. Tomorrow we start oatmeal. yum!

We flew to Chapel Hill for Memorial Day weekend for my good friend Caitlin's wedding and to visit Henry's grandparents, Uncle Ryan, Tia Fabiola, and Luigi (who calls himself Peegee). Luigi was constant entertainment for all of us. North Carolina was Henry's 8th state to visit. We might all be exhausted but traveling with Henry is so much fun. I'm sure the people around us on the airplane had a fun time too.

Luigi finally got comfortable sharing his grandma with Henry. He was in such a sharing mood that he brought his old pacifier for Henry to try.

Henry did not get to go to the Caitlin and Jason's wedding on Saturday night and slept through most of the brunch on Sunday morning. So the bride and groom came over on Monday morning to say goodbye and visit with Henry for a little while. I just hope Henry adds New York to his list of states soon so that we can spend time with them in Brooklyn.