Sunday, June 24, 2007

Saturday Fun

Henry had a big day on Saturday. We thought, since he loves to take baths so much, he might really love to go for a swim in a real pool. Turns out, we were right. In fact, just getting into his bathing suit for the first time was cause for celebration.

Thanks to Tom and Dorothy Howorth who generously let us use their pool, Henry had a great time kicking and splashing and lounging in the raft with his dad.

After a good meal, a bath and a disco nap, Henry had his first experience at Taylor Grocery. He's not quite ready for the catfish yet but he did enjoy the other big Taylor tradition: waiting for a table.

Once inside he got a little cranky, but he had help from some of his friends, including Baby Neptune, to keep him happy.

Kelley and Wayne--aka, The Disclaimers--kept us all entertained. (Henry fell asleep at 8:45 but that is no indication of the quality of the music.)

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