Monday, February 23, 2009

Work Hard, Play Hard

College baseball season has begun and that means that spring is around the corner. We took advantage of warmer temperatures this weekend to do some yard work. With a little help...

This is sort of a new thing--Henry now likes to play with his train table while sitting in one of its drawers. With Duckie, natch.

Date night! Henry's friend Julia came over the other night and the paparazzi captured their dinner together. She wore a football jersey so she may be a keeper.


Monday, February 16, 2009


We took a day trip to Chattanooga last weekend...or as Henry called it, "Nooga." There are tons of touristy things to do in downtown Chattanooga, but we'd be lying if we didn't admit that one of the real reasons we went was to eat at the best breakfast place on earth, Aretha Frankensteins. The inch-thick pancakes alone are worth the hour and a half drive.

How could we visit Chattanooga without visiting its famous Choo-Choo? Even though there's not much do to but look at the train cars and climb on one of them, we did not budget enough time at this place. We spent about half an hour there but if Henry had gotten his way, we would still be there. Staring and pointing.

We also took Henry to his first movie! It was a 3D Imax movie about dolphins and whales. At first he was a little nervous when the 40-foot humpback whale came out at him, but then he settled down and watched intently for about 35 minutes. Unfortunately, that movie lasts 45 we left a little early.
He's still talking about going to the movie but he swears he saw penguins, even though Alexis and I were both there and can pretty much say with certainty that there were no penguins.

Okay, funny story even though it comes sans picture. Last night at dinner, Henry asked for more cheese. I think he meant to say, "more cheese, Daddy." But what came out--very clearly--was "more cheese, dawg." We laughed for a good while about that one.
I lied, that story does come with a picture.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Super Bowl, etc.

We had a small get-together at our house for the Super Bowl. As you can see, the 3-D trailer for Monsters vs. Aliens was a bigger hit with the grown-ups than with the kids.

Henry enjoys one of life's delicacies: the Oreo ball. He will from now on answer to Augustus Gloop.

After the Oompa Loompas cleaned him up, he was able to perform a concert with his friend Joey. Henry played the keyboard and Joey played the choppaloppaler.

Don't ask me.

Henry was feeling lazy the other day and refused to get out of his crib after a nap. This is him being silly and trying to hide under (or behind) the covers..."covers" being his Duckie and his Gran Gran blanket.

Henry met a new friend last week--Ava. They obviously hit it off. For some reason, this video reminds me of one of those between-scene interviews with the old couples in When Harry Met Sally.

Rock the Vote

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Play Time

Henry has spent a lot of time recently playing with his birthday presents...

Thanks to his new vacuum (which in theory really works), he is now a really big help around the house.

Last weekend we took advantage of a very brief respite from the ice age-caliber winter we've had to play some soccer. You will also notice the presence of Henry's yellow school bus, which alternated between watching the action and playing the role of the soccer ball.

Top Chef!

Tom Colicchio was more than a little impressed with the final product, but noted that Henry's butchering was a problem. Also, he doesn't know how to skin an eel.