Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Many Faces of Claire Ellen

Now that Claire is a happy baby (for the most part), it's a lot easier to show her fun side...

She loves to sit up. But no crawling yet. This is a good thing because we haven't yet installed child-proof locks to block access to cleaning products, dishes and the good liquor.

Ready for her close-up!

She's filling out that Pampers #2 quite nicely.

In her not-so-secret garden

First Valentine's Day!

Taking her first bath with Henry. This look may or may not be a plea for help.

If I Ran the Circus

I had the day off on Monday, which was great timing because the circus was in town. So Henry and his cousin Natalie and I went downtown to see the Greatest Show on Earth...

That hat came with the cotton candy. I don't want to say Ringling Bros. charges a lot for concessions, but their cotton candy price appeared to have been influenced by the growing unrest in Arab nations. Someone check on Quaddafi's connections to the world's supply of pink sugar.

You better believe seven motorcycles driving in circles inside a steel ball was a highlight.

Yep, they still have tigers. Eight of them, in fact.

What better way to finish off an afternoon at the circus than with a trip to the Varsity?

Everything a growing girl and boy need!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Seven Months!

Claire celebrated seventh months of age by going on a paper rampage. She actually tries to eat paper all the time. She may be part goat.

** Thanks to the Wolffs for taking these pictures!