Monday, May 21, 2007

Play Date

As parents, we will never use the term play date to describe any activity between Henry and his friends. Starting after this post. But this past Saturday, we drove to our friends Charlie and Ryan Moutoux's in Southaven so their two-month old son Stephen and Henry could spend some QT with each other.

We were surprised at how much attention they actually payed to each other. Henry seemed to be fascinated in Stephen's every move. And vice versa.

Here is some good ol' fashioned male bonding. These two are going to be seeing a lot more of each other when football season rolls around, but it already looks like they are life-long friends.

A group shot at Rancho Grande.

I'm not saying it's time to worry yet, but the kids sure seem to be eying those tres Dos Equis.

Four Months!

Henry turned four months old on May 17. Over the last few weeks, he has really started to put things in his mouth. If he can lift it, he'll suck on it. He especially likes to suck on any combination of his fingers. He'll go for the index finger-middle finger combo and, when that gets old, the index-middle-ring finger trifecta. But his favorite move is the classicly simple thumb suck...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Baseball Balloon

Henry was introduced to a new item the other day: the balloon. Hopefully it wasn't too confusing for him since he was just starting to come to terms with the whole gravity thing, but he seemed to enjoy himself. As this picture shows, he was mesmerized pulling the string and making the balloon go up and down.

Monday, May 14, 2007

New Kicks

Not long ago, we dressed Henry in shoes for the first time ever. As this picture reveals, he was quite impressed with himself. He even stopped shaking his favorite toy, the football rattle, to admire his feet.

He's got some room to grow into these things. Looks like all the piggies have either gone to the market or gone wee wee wee all the way home...

Monday, May 7, 2007

Beach Bum

Henry got to spend some more time at the beach last weekend when he went to Destin for his dad's law firm retreat. Unlike his visit to the playa in Puerto Rico, he was able to get in some good beach naps thanks in part to the calming sounds of the ocean and to the fact that he is just a better napper now. Friday morning he even rolled over from his back to his stomach and put himself to sleep for the first time. Here is Henry enjoying some early-morning overcast skies--and putting up with his parents' forcing him to wear a fancy outfit for more posed pictures.

He did finally get to dip his toes in the water, which he liked...until a rush of very cold water came along and took him by surprise.