Monday, June 29, 2009

How I Spent My Summer Vacation (Part I)

Our summer vacation this year was a week in Hilton Head with Henry's Gran Gran and Pop, Aunt Suzi, Uncle Barry, Aunt Stacy, Uncle Kevin and cousins Ryan, Jonathan, Emmy, Lexie and a (thankfully, very) big beach house.

Digging holes with Emmy

The Notorious D.I.G. -- Operation: Bury Pop

This was supposed to look like a mermaid. Reasonable minds may differ.

A walk/ride to the beach with Aunt Stacy

R.I.P., Michael. Henry pays early tribute with a moonwalk on the beach.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun with Sanders (Part II)

It was a classic summer weekend--we also went swimming and played a little baseball. But first: pajama time!

Having one of these at home sure would cut down on bath time.

I told you there was some good sharing going on. In this case, Henry is so kind as to share with Sanders a bat, ball and glove that belong to Sanders. (Although to Henry, those would be known as a bat, ball and "mitten.")

This was a slower ride than anything envisioned by Foghat.

Fun with Sanders (Part I)

Henry's old friend Sanders (and his parents) came in town last weekend to visit. After catching up for a while, the six of us went to the Atlanta zoo...

There really was some quality sharing going on between these two.

Fact: Panda bears eat lots of bamboo.

You didn't think we'd miss an opportunity to ride a train, did you?

I can't say that Henry gets the concept behind this thing. Looks like he's guarding the Emerald City.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Emmy Spends the Night

Henry's cousin Emmy spent the night with us this week. Henry was very excited and took her to his swimming pool and splash pad.

He also wanted to wear sunglasses and boots for the occasion.

Ring my bell

Emmy helped get Henry ready for bed. This is Henry pretending to sleep on his changing table.

One more story before bedtime!

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Beach...Sort of

The AVP pro volleyball tour came through Atlanta this weekend and we had VIP passes thanks to a high school friend of Alexis'. So why not introduce Henry to another sport? His favorite thing was that it's played on sand.

I guess because the players went shirtless, Henry wanted his off too. That and probably because he spilled half a bottle of complementary Gatorade down his front.

Evan met us there. He kept his shirt on.

It's not quite the beach but it'll do for now...