Monday, April 30, 2007

Double Decker Weekend

Oxford hosted its annual Double Decker festival last weekend and our friends Mindy and Eileen came in for the fun. It was a busy couple of days, starting with Henry's third (!) baseball game on Friday night. He stayed up later than his usual 8:00 bedtime which had us a little worried about how he would sleep that night. But he actually slept like a log and Alexis even had to wake him up to feed him the next morning. Here, Henry enjoys bleacher bum life with Tiffany and Mindy.

After Henry endured a quick rub-down of Blue Lizard sun block on Saturday morning, we were off to enjoy the day's festivities...

Eileen, Mindy, Alexis and a napping Henry check out the music, art and food.

Then it was time to wash all that sun block off and get clean for the night so that Gran Gran and Pop could babysit him for the first time. He enjoyed the open spaces of his grandparents' giant (to him) bathtub. Daphne threatened to do the same.

This is just a cool shot of Henry having fun on his play mat under the ever-watchful eye of his sister.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New Friends

Henry met two new friends last weekend. Norie Hamner was born in Memphis five days before he was, and this picture shows the two getting to know each other. It also shows a maneuver that Henry has perfected recently: the arch. He loves to squirm his way out of things and usually starts by planting his feet and arching his back just like this. It's pretty funny to watch, but it means having to keep an even closer eye on him. We just write it off as part of his "Super" strength.

Here, Norie shows off her crib and mobile. Looks like she wanted some attention, but Henry was all about those lambs floating overhead.

Henry and Norie also got to meet Ryan and Charlie Moutoux's three-week old son, Stephen. Stephen wasn't quite ready to play yet, but he already fills out a mean onesie.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Trois Mois

Henry celebrated his three month birthday today. These monthly birthdays are starting to seem old hat to him though, so the celebrations have been toned down. Gone are the champagne, the dancing girls and the solid gold pacifiers. Henry now prefers to quietly celebrate with his family, a little tummy time and some warm milk...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Beach...

...or, "Over the Ocean and Through TSA to Great Grandmother's (and Great Grandfather's) Condo We Go."

With Alexis' maternity leave sadly coming to an end, we took advantage of her last week off by spending it with four generations of her her grandparents' condo in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Here, Henry relaxes in the Memphis airport before the first leg of the trip. (Not pictured: his supposed-to-be-four-but-turned-into-six-hour layover in Miami. Thanks American Airlines.)

When he finally arrived, Henry got to spend quality time with his Grandma, Grandpa, Great Grandma, Great Grandpa, Uncle Ryan, Aunt (Tia) Fabiola and his closest-in-age first cousin Luigi...

After a full day of travel, waking up in a new place and posing for pictures with a half-dozen relatives, Super got to do some well-deserved relaxing on the beach.

After a great week spent with family, we had to leave island life behind. Luckily for the passengers of Flight 1550, Henry was in a pretty good mood for the return trip...