Monday, April 30, 2007

Double Decker Weekend

Oxford hosted its annual Double Decker festival last weekend and our friends Mindy and Eileen came in for the fun. It was a busy couple of days, starting with Henry's third (!) baseball game on Friday night. He stayed up later than his usual 8:00 bedtime which had us a little worried about how he would sleep that night. But he actually slept like a log and Alexis even had to wake him up to feed him the next morning. Here, Henry enjoys bleacher bum life with Tiffany and Mindy.

After Henry endured a quick rub-down of Blue Lizard sun block on Saturday morning, we were off to enjoy the day's festivities...

Eileen, Mindy, Alexis and a napping Henry check out the music, art and food.

Then it was time to wash all that sun block off and get clean for the night so that Gran Gran and Pop could babysit him for the first time. He enjoyed the open spaces of his grandparents' giant (to him) bathtub. Daphne threatened to do the same.

This is just a cool shot of Henry having fun on his play mat under the ever-watchful eye of his sister.

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