Sunday, July 25, 2010

Meeting Lexie, etc.

Claire finally got to meet the last of her cousins when Lexie came home from camp. She was very good while Lexie was holding her. (After she left...not so much.)

Sleeping Superman-style in the bassinet...

Off-label Boppy use

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"The Kids"

We've begun using a term at our house that will probably be around for a while: "the kids." Here are the kids posing together...

Uh oh, looks like this is taking a sinister turn.

Cousin Emmy came home from camp last weekend and got to meet Claire for the first time (even though they had already exchanged letters). I think she gave Claire a thumbs up.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Meanwhile, Big Brother...

Lots of people have asked how Henry has responded to having a baby sister. The answer is that he's been fantastic. He loves to talk about her, tries to comfort her when she cries and helps us out by fetching things like burp cloths and blankets. He hasn't shown the first sign of being jealous--something were a little concerned about due to his Jesse Jackson-level love of the spotlight. He's also enjoyed spending time with all of his visiting relatives...

Picking blueberries in our backyard. (Technically, these are in our neighbor's yard, but I promise we have their permission.)

These made for some pretty good blueberry pancakes that night (breakfast for dinner FTW!)

This is obviously an intense game of "Toy Story-dinosaur-bumper-hockey," which requires protective headgear consisting of mini-Major League Baseball helmets. Duh.

While Claire gets her first ever bath at home, Henry comforts her by "reading" Mimi's Toes, a book we used to read to him during his first baths.

Group hug!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

What's Up?

Hello there

Would love to see this look going on at 2:00am

Grandma was a big help during the first week and a half!

Grandma Sydelle meets her first great granddaughter

Claire snoozes while Grandpa Marty, Grandma Sydelle and (who else?) Buzz Lightyear say cheese

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Coming Home

We finally left the hospital yesterday afternoon and brought Claire home to see her home and room and meet her dogs.

First non-hospital-provided outfit!

About to load into the car

Julep and Daphne give their welcome-home sniffs

Still with their hospital bracelets on

Riding in a car is tiring work

Henry came home from camp to find his new sister on the couch. So far he's been very good to her...but is not quite ready to hold her

Cousin Natalie got some quality time with Claire last night. This looks like the beginning of beautiful friendship.