Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I know what you're thinking: "When does the new season of Entourage start?" But more relevant to this blog, you're thinking "why is Henry walking around in just his pajama bottoms?"
The answer is pretty funny, actually. These are Henry's favorite pajamas. No, make that his favorite article of clothing of any kind...maybe even his favorite possession of any kind. (Really, who wouldn't see the beauty of red and blue football pajamas?) Anyway, for this reason, he does not like anyone taking them out of his hands. So, while getting the bottoms on him is pretty easy because he can still hang on to the top while you're doing it, getting the top on him is another story. At that point he'll usually try to put the top over his head by himself, to not much success. After a while, he'll give up and let you put the top on him. But even better, if allowed to, he'll just run around the house clutching the pajama top and grinning like he's getting away with something...

By the way, Season 5 of Entourage starts in September.

Happy Passover!

Henry did attend a Passover seder last year, but he experienced the whole thing from inside his carrier at our feet. This year, he went to his Aunt Stacy's and Uncle Kevin's house and actually got to sit at the table and participate. If "participate" means grabbing for his dad's kippah and talking to himself loudly until his parents are forced to let him down on the ground after which he bangs on the window with both hands and then almost topples an end table with a porcelain flower pot...then yes, he did participate.

Oh well. At least he seems to be enjoying his matzoh.

"Hey, this stuff is pretty good if you put a little butter on it." Then again, what isn't?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Lemonade Days

Dunwoody, our home pro tempore, hosted its Lemonade Days festival over the weekend. Crafts, rides, lots of firetrucks and, best of all, carnival food. It's probably for the best that we didn't see any fried Coke (don't worry fried Snickers, you're still king), but we did enjoy a carny classic...funnel cake.

Henry met lots of nice firemen.

Henry liked the funnel cake, but not as much as we expected. It definitely falls behind banana, avocado and cantaloupe on his preference list.

Not pictured: the Gravitron.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"A-Roundin' Third and Headed for Home, It's a Brown-Eyed Handsome Man..."

On the way home from Greenville on Sunday, we all took a detour through Oxford to catch the Ole Miss-Vandy game. Henry is an old hand at baseball games now and he really likes being outside, watching the crowd, listening to the music and occasionally noticing what's happening on the field.

After every Sunday game in Oxford, all kids are allowed onto the field to run the bases. This was Henry's first time doing this and, although it took about six minutes to go 360 feet, he had a blast.

Helping him along were his cousins Lexie, Emmy and Natalie and an aggressive third base coach who waived him in.

If you thought Sid Bream was slow rounding third, check this out...

Uncle Nathan's 90th

We went to Greenville last weekend to celebrate Uncle Nathan's 90th birthday. Of course, no trip to Greenville would be complete without a meal at Doe's, so on Friday night 14 of us enjoyed hot tamales, salads, steaks and the best french fries on earth.

The next day, Henry and his cousins took a trip to the Jim Henson Museum in Leland, MS, the "birthplace of the frog". (Trivia alert: Jim Henson was born in Greenville and grew up in nearby Leland with a friend named...Kermit, of course.)

Elmos and Grovers and Oscars, oh my.

We celebrated Uncle Nathan's 90 years on Saturday night...

Not bad for ninety years. Hopefully, Henry will be as healthy in 2097.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No Foolin'

Who says you have to walk before you can run? Henry has been taking steps for weeks now, but no one would have considered it "walking." But on April Fool's Day, he decided to go straight from crawling to running. With no warning, he just started running around in circles in the living room, laughing the whole time. Thankfully, Alexis caught the end of the fun with our camera. Afterwards, he was so excited he couldn't even nap...he just laid in his crib kicking his feet.