Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"A-Roundin' Third and Headed for Home, It's a Brown-Eyed Handsome Man..."

On the way home from Greenville on Sunday, we all took a detour through Oxford to catch the Ole Miss-Vandy game. Henry is an old hand at baseball games now and he really likes being outside, watching the crowd, listening to the music and occasionally noticing what's happening on the field.

After every Sunday game in Oxford, all kids are allowed onto the field to run the bases. This was Henry's first time doing this and, although it took about six minutes to go 360 feet, he had a blast.

Helping him along were his cousins Lexie, Emmy and Natalie and an aggressive third base coach who waived him in.

If you thought Sid Bream was slow rounding third, check this out...


Ryan said...

I don't think I've ever seen cheerleaders at a baseball game before. Does Ole Miss use them because they can't have Colonel Sander out in public anymore?

theresak said...

I can't believe Henry learned to run a week ago, and already he's running bases!

Did someone open a can on that punk who knocked Henry over?