Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I know what you're thinking: "When does the new season of Entourage start?" But more relevant to this blog, you're thinking "why is Henry walking around in just his pajama bottoms?"
The answer is pretty funny, actually. These are Henry's favorite pajamas. No, make that his favorite article of clothing of any kind...maybe even his favorite possession of any kind. (Really, who wouldn't see the beauty of red and blue football pajamas?) Anyway, for this reason, he does not like anyone taking them out of his hands. So, while getting the bottoms on him is pretty easy because he can still hang on to the top while you're doing it, getting the top on him is another story. At that point he'll usually try to put the top over his head by himself, to not much success. After a while, he'll give up and let you put the top on him. But even better, if allowed to, he'll just run around the house clutching the pajama top and grinning like he's getting away with something...

By the way, Season 5 of Entourage starts in September.

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Ryan said...

Why don't you take two sets of PJs out each night? Let him play with one set while you put the other on him.