Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New Friends

Henry met two new friends last weekend. Norie Hamner was born in Memphis five days before he was, and this picture shows the two getting to know each other. It also shows a maneuver that Henry has perfected recently: the arch. He loves to squirm his way out of things and usually starts by planting his feet and arching his back just like this. It's pretty funny to watch, but it means having to keep an even closer eye on him. We just write it off as part of his "Super" strength.

Here, Norie shows off her crib and mobile. Looks like she wanted some attention, but Henry was all about those lambs floating overhead.

Henry and Norie also got to meet Ryan and Charlie Moutoux's three-week old son, Stephen. Stephen wasn't quite ready to play yet, but he already fills out a mean onesie.

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