Monday, March 10, 2008

The Last Hurrah (Part III...Henry's First Crawfish Boil)

Because we're moving away from the crawfish culture, what better way to say goodbye than to take part in one last (or in Henry's case, first) crawfish boil?

Our friend Christal brought the crawfish and was busy most of the afternoon getting them ready. Henry enjoyed the pre-boiled crawfish a lot more than the cooked ones.

Mmmmmm, spicy.

Alexis and Julie have been sitting next to each other at work for six years! Now what?

After the crawfish boil, we did manage to sqeeze in a fourth meal at L&M's. Henry was in a great mood and had fun with Gran Gran and Pop. Pop had at least as much fun playing with Henry's toy cars.


theresak said...

i'm impressed at the crawfish boil in February! i didn't think the season was until much later, like May?? but it's a wonderful time, for sure. i hadn't been home in the spring in many years, but when i went back last may, one of the top 3 reasons was to go to a crawfish boil, which i did successfully.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I was able to see y'all before leaving town. Thanks for coming and enjoying the crawfish. It was craziness but fun!!!