Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Cause That's What Brian Boitano'd Do..."

We took Henry ice skating last week with his cousin Natalie (an expert ice skater, btw...don't ever challenge her to a best two-out-0f-three races across the ice...just sayin'). You may recall that Henry's been pretending to ice skate since the Winter Olympics, so this was a pretty big thrill for him. It was also the perfect opportunity to wear his new scarf!

There was a lot of slipping and sliding...

...and a couple of falls (that were as much fun as remaining upright)...

...but by the end, he was doing pretty well as long as we held on to him.

In the video below, Henry shows his off his double axle / triple lutz / double loop / double toe loop / triple Salchow. It all happens so fast, you really can't even see it.

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