Thursday, December 10, 2009

Muppet Takes Manhattan (Part III)

After Thanksgiving, Alexis, Henry and I returned to the City for the rest of the weekend. We did lots of walking, eating and sightseeing and generally soaked up all the holiday sights and sounds.

But it wasn't all walking. To Henry's delight, there were a few cab rides too. He had said that he was most excited for the trip because he was going to ride in a "taxi cab!!!". Sure enough, he was so happy with his first cab ride that when we were getting out, he told the driver, "Thank you for driving us!" Here, you can see he even developed the proper technique for hailing a cab.

One night we met Alexis' childhood friend Beth and her son Drew at Big Daddy's Diner. This picture represents the one millisecond of that meal that they were both still.

Can't go to NYC without going to Times Square. Luckily it was only a few blocks from our hotel. (Thanks, Priceline!)

After a trip to the Central Park Zoo (where we were unsuccessful in finding Madagascar's Alex, Melman and Marty, but did find lots of penguins), we walked around some other parts of the Park and saw this cool scene.

Later that day, Henry really did us a solid by falling asleep in his stroller. That gave us a chance to do something not geared for a two-year old. So we high-tailed it up to the Museum of Modern Art where we were able to spend over two hours. Henry will never even know how close he was to this Van Gogh original.

"It's all ball bearings nowadays." This thing should really help fix that seventh Fetzer valve.

Fact: these paintings are arranged in the order in which each variety of soup was released by The Campbell Soup Company. Knowledge is power!

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The Little Chronicles said...

Looks like y'all had such a great time in NY. I would like to see the parade for real...all tv shows anymore is celebrities and Musical acts. I say...More balloons!!!