Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Muppet Takes Manhattan (Part II)

After the parade, it was off to New Jersey for Thanksgiving. But first, a ride on the subway!

Grandma did a good job of reining in the "crazy" but there was one hitch -- in the most uncomfortable holiday/tongue/pole incident this side of A Christmas Story -- when Henry actually licked a subway car pole. He did not seem to miss a beat, but we are still recovering from it.

Thanksgiving dinner with Grandma, Luigi and Uncle Ryan. Not pictured here in spite of their delicious cooking are Aunt Pat, Uncle Scott and Aliza

It was a constant battle for Uncle Scott's toys

Grandpa gets some help blowing out his birthday candles

Posing with the "greats": Grandpa Marty...

...and Grandma Sydelle (and three lollipops)

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