Monday, April 13, 2009

Uh oh.

I think that looking at a lot of the pictures posted here probably gives the impression that Henry is some kind of by-the-numbers, tall-glass-of-whole-milk, all-American boy. And in a lot of ways, I guess he is. But there are definitely times when he is anything but. Case in point: a recent trip to the shoe store with Alexis. She was trying on a pair of shoes herself, and when she looked around she saw this, which he had done all by himself...

Looks like we may be perusing a new section of the parenting books in the near future.

Meanwhile, in a much less flamboyant display of individualism, here is Henry eating one of his favorite, if not his very favorite non-ice cream-related food: edamame. He used to let us take the beans out of the shells for him, but now he won't let us get anywhere near them. His success rate is about 80% with the other 20% or so popping out and flying all over the kitchen.

When it comes to hide and seek, like many poker players, Henry has a tell. Even if you were somehow having trouble finding him in his hiding place (hard to imagine since it usually consists of a crouching position in the middle of the floor), you can almost always smoke him out by implying that he is an age other than two years old...


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pop said...

Pop loves him even in heels. I also like the way he hides. It's obvious he subscribes to the age old adage, "no see, no problem".