Tuesday, April 28, 2009


While Alexis represented all of us at our friend Christal's wedding in Alexandria, Louisiana, Henry and I went to Double Decker in Oxford. He'd been talking for weeks about getting to ride on top of a "decker bus" and going to a baseball game. Neither was a disappointment.

After cruising around town waving to everyone like a celebrity, Henry got to hang out with his tailgate buddy Stephen. They had sort of a dance-off to the music and then shared some M&Ms.

No one on the corner has swagger like us.

Mmmmmm. Corn dog. But don't let this picture fool you--he ended up eating this thing corn-on-the-cob style. And when that got old, he pulled the hot dog out and ate it plain. [Not pictured: Les Miles.]

He brought Pooh Bear to the baseball game and made sure to hold him up so he too could see the field. It was actually a great game and I think Georgia's pitcher got a little rattled when Henry started his cheer of "we need a snitchner, nomma skerry gichner." (Translation: "we need a pitcher, not a belly-itcher"...I think we may need to work on that one.)

At the stadium playground, holding on to a stranger's shorts for balance.

After the game, kids can go on the field for autographs. Henry was in awe. But not of the players...of the John Deere mule that rakes the infield. Future groundskeeper?

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theresak said...

Is that a regulation corn dog Henry is chomping down on? In the words of Tiny Elvis, It's huuuuge! And looks delish. I love the summer festival season for the food, especially corn dogs!