Thursday, January 22, 2009

Henry 2.0

Unbelievably, Henry turned two years old last Saturday. And after a brief period of time a couple weeks ago when he thought it was actually Thomas the Tank Engine's birthday (because of all the Thomas plates and napkins we'd bought), he did finally get it: he knew it was his birthday coming up and sang many renditions of "Happy Birthday" to himself to prove it.

Here he is striking a two-year-old pose on a gift from us, his own chair.

His birthday party was at My Gym and lots of his friends and family came to celebrate...

It's good to be king--the view from the head of the table.

As requested, a Thomas birthday cake. This one was baked with love by his mother and iced by his Uncle Ryan. He blew out the candles three times during "Happy Birthday"...I'm not sure if that increases his number of wishes or not. I guess we'll know for sure if our cars turn into trains, his crib turns into a firetruck, and all the food in our refrigerator turns into fruit snacks.

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The Little Chronicles said...

I can't believe he is 2 already! Looks like he had a really fun party.