Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Day Part I: Just Ducky

We spent a long weekend with family in Oxford and Memphis for Christmas. And no trip to Memphis is complete without spending some time in the lobby of the Peabody Hotel. This is especially true for duck fans because the Peabody is famous for more than just delicious mint juleps. The fountain in the center of lobby is home to what have to be the five luckiest ducks in the world. Every day at 11:00am they are brought down from their home on the roof of the hotel, marched out of the elevators, down a red carpet, and into their fountain where they swim around all day being admired by people like us.
I should also mention that Alexis and I got engaged in the lobby of the Peabody...but that happened well after the ducks' bedtime.

Henry was impressed and was excited to show his "Ducky" to some "real duckies."

Obviously, this window display was also a hit...

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