Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Grandpa's Da Da

Henry's Great Grandpa Marty and Great Grandma Sydelle came to visit last weekend. After Alexis tried to explain their relationship to him, Henry started calling Grandpa Marty "Grandpa's Da Da." They really hit it off too...Henry brought book after book for Grandpa Marty to read and the three of them watched lots of Thomas and Friends.

On Sunday, we had a picnic at Henry's school playground with his classmates and their parents...

This is Henry's best friend at school, Charlie. If you ask Henry how he likes school, the first word out of his mouth is usually "Charlie!"

Who says the American automotive industry is dead?

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boooourns said...

This post sent your subliminal message; the previous post took care of your liminal message; so, I guess the next post will be superliminal.