Monday, November 17, 2008


We don't know where this comes from, but Henry loves football. He asks to watch it on TV, he points out any football or football player he sees, and he recently ended a prayer by saying "Ole Miss" instead of "amen."
So it was no surprise that he had the time of his life on Saturday when he went to his first football game of the year. He went to two games last year, but that was before he knew the difference between a post pattern and an out route...this was the first game where he knew he was watching football. And he acted like it, dancing to the band, eating lots of junk food and generally loving the idea of screaming without being told to stop.

What made Saturday even better was sitting in his grandparents' seats in the South Endzone Club level. That meant (1) getting to sit with Pop, (2) all-you-can-eat hot dogs, fruit, ice cream and cookies and (3) access to the indoors on a freezing afternoon. The only thing missing was Gran Gran, who couldn't make it to this game.

Looking out at Pop from inside the club box.

Yes, it was cold. But the outcome of the game kept us warm.

In this video, Henry is temporarily excited to hear the PA announcer say "Ole Miss"...before getting distracted by his empty seat. In the next one, he shows off his patented "go, go, go, go!" cheer which he usually breaks out when he watches football.


theresak said...

What a fun post! Pics, videos, and an Ole Miss win, oh my! Now that Henry has warmed up to football, are y'all going to road trip it to Baton Rouge to lead the Rebs to a win against the Tigers?

P-Willie Style said...

No, Henry's too young to be exposed to that place. Maybe in 2010.