Monday, September 10, 2007

Grove Debut

September 8, 2007 was a big day for Henry. He has been to one basketball game, five baseball games and even his cousin Lexie's soccer game. But this past weekend, he finally got his first taste of the Grove on a football Saturday. He's going to have to wait until the temperatures are a little more tolerable before actually attending his first football game, so in the meantime tailgating will have to suffice.

In this picture, he is either clapping his hands in perfect rhythm with the marching band or waiving his arms around for no apparent reason--you decide.

At first he was quite happy to stay in his stroller and enjoy the scene.

Dressed to kill. (And I'm talking about Henry, not me with my American Eagle polo that I probably shouldn't be allowed to wear since I don't have Linkin Park in my iPod.)

The excitement finally got to him and he had a good nap, first in his mom's arms...

...and then again in his stroller, where he did his best Al Bundy impression.

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