Sunday, September 30, 2007

Family Time

Henry has visited a lot of family this month. Last weekend, he spent Yom Kippur in Chapel Hill, N.C. with his Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Ryan, Tia Fabiola and his cousin Luigi...

I know that face!

You'd never know it from this picture, but this was a hotly contested stroller race. Here, Luigi has the lead by a wheel.

Luigi and Aunt La La share an ice pop.

This weekend, Henry ventured into the Delta to visit his sick relative Chester Kossman in Merigold. But first, he is greeted by Aunt Kitty.

He and his cousin Hunter did their best to bring some cheer to Chester.

Leaving Merigold, we took a quick detour to Cleveland so Henry could meet some more cousins, Sidney and Shelby. In this picture, Sindney points out Henry's apples and squash mustache.

The last stop of the trip was dinner with friends at Kathryn's on Moon Lake (according to John, the largest oxbow lake in the country!) outside of Clarksdale. Best homemade peppermint ice cream ever.

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