Sunday, March 11, 2012

Play Ball!


This is Henry's third year of T-ball, but this past Saturday, he played in his first ever real game!  He started the game at second base for the Murphy Candler Iron Pigs.

* "Real" = each team bats until it scores four runs, then they switch.  This continues for an hour and 15 minutes.  Final score:  Iron Pigs 16, Volcanoes 16.

Mindy and Claire were on hand to watch and cheer.

Action shot #1:  Henry's first swing in a game.  Result: single (the scorekeeper was admittedly generous).

Action shot #2 (and self-proclaimed AP photo of the year nominee):  Henry's second at-bat.  Another single!

After a couple of innings, Henry made the move to catcher.  Fills out that equipment quite nicely, huh?

Doing his best Yadi Molina

Coming in to score a run!

This video gives a pretty good glimpse into the Iron Pigs' style of play...

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theresak said...

These pics and that video are going to be the hit of Henry Solomon's MVP montage in the 2032 World Series.