Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sketch Artist

We've called Henry lots of things during his life, but "artist" has never been one of them. Usually, his "art" is just scribbling on a piece of paper. So imagine our surprise when tonight he actually sat down and drew a self-portrait. He was pretty proud of this, so we had him pose next to it...

He'll have you know, those are eyebrows directly above the eyes. (And he'll point to his own eyebrows to make sure you understand that point.)

After he "signed" his art with multiple number 4s (for his age), we asked him to draw Claire. The result was this blue face. You may notice that he drew her with teeth. Although she doesn't have quite as many as this picture indicates, she is getting two bottom teeth in...and Henry really is proud of her for it.

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Julie Spano said...

wow - you two make beautiful children.