Monday, November 1, 2010

More Cowbell

Claire spent her first Halloween as a cow -- Claire-a-Belle Cow! She strolled around our street for a while watching Henry knock on doors, then helped greet trick-or-treaters at our door before calling it a night.

Henry of course was Buzz Lightyear. He's obviously a method actor because he's been practicing that role around our house for months. This is a picture of Buzz rescuing Claire-a-Belle from our already-rotting jack-o-lantern.

Turn on the charm, kids -- there's candy to be had!

Power couple! Henry poses with his good friend and next-door neighbor, Jacqueline. This is our official entry into the sweetest-picture-of-the-year contest.

Henry regales us with his own Halloween carol, which I would guess he calls "Halloween Is Very Special in the Night." It has approximately ten verses, but all of them sound pretty much like this.

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