Thursday, October 21, 2010

Apple Pickin' and Corn Mazin'

Last weekend, we had some outdoor fun, October-style. We headed up to North Georgia for some apple picking with Henry's friend Ryan. And on the way back, we hit a corn maze!

Eating the profits

Looks like a keeper

Alexis looks like she's worked in an apple orchard all her life

The entire apple-picking experience was made possible by the Baby Bjorn

What do you do when your peck (we really did pick a peck) of apples is full? Obviously, you put some apples on top of a box, grab some sticks and have at it.

After drinking apple cider and muscadine slushies and eating fried apple pies and apple fritters (and observing how lucrative the apple-based tourism business is this time of year), we headed down the road to Uncle Shuck's corn maze! As you can see, the maze itself is quite impressive. In fact, you'd never know from this picture that Uncle Shuck also affords visitors the opportunity to shoot corn cobs through a pneumatic PVC-pipe cannon at a rusted-out 1988 Ford Escort.

Navigating the maze

Looking at the map, it appears we took a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

They dole out justice the old fashioned way in North Georgia...or at least at Uncle Shuck's.

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