Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Lou (Part I)

Last weekend, Henry and I met Gran Gran and Pop in St. Louis for two baseball games, a trip to the zoo and a visit to what has to be the best children's museum in the country, the Magic House. It was Henry's second trip to St. Louis, but the first one since he was six weeks old, so I do think he got a little more out of it this time around. Here, they pose in front of a statue of Pop's childhood hero, Stan Musial.

"Go Crazy, Folks!" Henry crouches in front of the Wizard.

One of the highlights of the trip was making this Fredbird puppet at the Build-A-Bear Workshop inside Busch Stadium. It cost us an inning and a half, but these two were inseparable the rest of the weekend.
BTW, I'm not going to pretend that Henry understands the intricacies of baseball yet, but in a call to his mommy, he correctly summed up our first night as follows: "Albert Pujols made fireworks."

Nothing like a healthy snack of cotton candy at the ol' ballpark.

Ever driven through Metropolis, Illinois? Suffice it to say, this town has capitalized on its awesome name. Unfortunately, this picture shows why you can never trust a stranger to take a good picture. I'm guessing she has a financial interest in the wrought iron fence industry, because that is clearly the focus.

Stepping into some pretty big shoes here.

Henry calls out the starting lineup. I somehow doubt Randy Winn has ever elicited such an enthusiastic reaction. P.S. -- I promise we had better seats for the Friday night game.

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The Little Chronicles said...

wow...i know my dad is jealous! Looks like y'all had a blast.