Monday, June 28, 2010

The Nursery

Well, an update on the status of Baby Girl Solomon: if she doesn't come today on her own, we're going to the hospital this evening and she will be delivered tomorrow morning. We can't believe it's finally happening! (On the other hand, we can't believe it hasn't happened yet, considering her due date was yesterday.)

So here are some pictures of the nursery which is now 99% finished. But first, a look at what we started with...

This is what the room looked like when the prior owners lived there. After exhaustive negotiations, they refused to leave this bedspread behind. We bought the house anyway.

The process begins...

This changing table is the heaviest object in our entire house. If a tornado comes through Dunwoody, we're all squeezing underneath.

These closets were pretty gross and falling apart.

With apologies to Henry, "Taa-daaaaa!!"

Closets fixed

Lots of hours to be logged in this chair

Diapers--check. Wipes--check. Letters from cousin Natalie on the bulletin board--check. Only one thing's missing now...

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