Thursday, February 18, 2010

White Death 2010

After being teased by news footage of virtually every other city in the United States under a blanket of white, we finally got a good snowfall of our own! Needless to say, Henry -- who talks about snow angels and snowmen so often, you'd think he lived in Whoville -- was beside himself with excitement.

The view from our kitchen

Sled run #4 out of 404. Thanks to our highest-ground neighbors who kindly let the entire neighborhood use their front yard and driveway for two straight days of this!

Mindy came for some of the action...

...and so did Ryanansky.

Did I mention the neighbors also provided the sleds? I've never wanted to invest in a sled, knowing full well that such a transaction would guarantee at least a decade of snowless winters. But last weekend proved that it pays to be prepared!

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