Sunday, November 1, 2009

...Does Whatever A Spider Can...

Happy Halloween from Spiderman, a fireman and Princess Jasmine!

Henry said he wanted a jack-o-lantern with a happy face, so I modeled this one after his own toothy smile. Then he said he wanted a "sad nose," which he explained was round and red. I hope this accomplished that request.

A pose before the Great Candy Rampage of 2009

Sometimes they would knock on the door while saying "trick or treat." And sometimes they would knock while screaming "LA! LA! LA! LA! LA! LA!" (This happened only after they started sampling the candy.)

Showing off some of his new booty to Ryan's daddy. He's still at the age where bright colors > chocolate. He'll learn.

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The Little Chronicles said...

What a cute Spiderman. It's way more flattering than that elmo suit!