Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Quick Trip

It was back to Oxford last weekend for Henry's friend Sanders' first birthday party--and a visit with Gran Gran and Pop...

Cupcakes were enjoyed by all. But that table full of presents were enjoyed by Sanders.

A pose with Sanders and Charles who took a ride in the birthday wagon. Incidentally, there is some debate in our house as to what animal is pictured on the shirt Henry is wearing in this picture. Alexis and I think it's a bear. Henry is fairly adamant that it's a monkey. The debate rages on.

What better way to top off a day of birthday cake (and dinner at Ajax) than a huge scoop of ice cream with your grandparents?

With free babysitters at our disposal, we made it out until last call...score!

Yep, more headgear. This is a great look if you ask me--football helmet on top, Mater shoes on bottom, Cars pajamas in between. I think this look may hit the runways soon, so be on the lookout.

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