Tuesday, October 14, 2008

No Doubting Thomas

Henry has been obsessed with trains for a long time now, especially Thomas the Tank Engine. He knows most of the characters by name (including Henry, which he calls "Hemmy Train"). His cousins Ryan and Jonathan recently gave him their used Thomas toys, and last weekend Alexis hit the jackpot when she found a train table at a garage sale that included a whole other set of Thomas trains and track.
So how excited was he about this development? We actually had to move the train table so that it is no longer visible from the kitchen table. Before doing that, Henry's meals were lasting only as long as it took for him to glance over his right shoulder. Then he'd see the train table and it was all, "Train! Get down, please! Train!" Turns out, as much as he loves Kix ("ball cereal"), it's no match for the pull of Thomas and friends.


gtspano said...

Darren wants to come over and play.

Kevin said...

I hope that's not a scratch I see on one of Ryan's...I mean Suzi's...trains!