Thursday, December 20, 2007

Eleven Months

I know it's been a long time since we last updated this blog, but there is a very good reason. Apparently Henry was not amused by some of the pictures that have shown up here, because he broke our camera. Granted, he only dropped it from the height of his own knees (about six inches) but that did the trick. But! Problem solved...we now have a new camera with even more megapixels to dazzle you with. These pictures, however, were taken with our friend Christal's camera who came to the rescue when Henry turned eleven months old while our new camera was still en route from Amazon.

Thanks to a late-arriving Hanukkah gift from his cousins Shelley and Peter, Henry had a present to open on his eleven-month birthday.

The wrapping paper provided some predictable fun, but he really liked the police car inside.

"Hmmm. This looks like the perfect thing to put in one hand and push all over the house."

Before Henry turned eleven months old, he helped his friend Ford turn one year old. Happy birthday, Ford!

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