Sunday, October 14, 2007

8 Months, 26 Days: Henry's First Football Game

Writing about the larceny that transpired during this year's Ole Miss-Alabama game is probably a subject more appropriate for a different blog.* And I'm not even sure that curse words are allowed to be used as part of a web address. But all of that aside, Henry attended his first football game on Saturday. He was great the whole time, thanks in large part to the shade we enjoyed for most of the game. He was pretty interested in his surroundings and napped for maybe a grand total of 20 minutes. But as you can see, he was quite happy...

For the uninitiated, the red Solo cup is as much a part of the college football season as internet message boards and cheese straws. Here, it looks like Jonathan is trying to help Henry get over the sting of the loss with a little sip of something frothy. Don't worry though, Henry turned it down and enjoyed some pureed squash instead.

The next morning, Henry and his buddy Ford Lewis took a trip to the pumpkin patch. They were greeted by perfect weather and pumpkins of all shapes and sizes...

Ford put up a good fight to defend the pumpkin he chose.

One of these things is not like the other.

* Memo to Southeastern Conference officials: the word "indisputable," as used in, say, the term "indisputable video evidence," is defined as "not disputable or deniable; uncontestable; incontrovertible; evident, apparent, obvious, certain."

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