Monday, August 20, 2007

Lucky Number Seven

Henry turned seven months old last Friday, in what has to be the fastest seven-month period in recorded history.

How do you celebrate seven months of life on earth? By going to Meet the Rebels Day, of course. The title of this next picture is "like father like son."

Surprising how wide open Henry was in the endzone. The unanswered question is, is there a quarterback on campus who can get the ball to him? This question, and more, to be answered in about two weeks.

Okay. You may or may not know the three-year story of Jerrell Powe's eligibility and if you don't, I'm sure that you don't care. Suffice it to say, it has been a saga in the George Lucas sense of the word. But NCAA Clearinghouse/extortionists aside, he was a really nice guy and thought it was funny that anyone would be strange enough to want their son's picture taken with him. Amazing how much smaller Henry seemed in this guy's arms....

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theresak said...

Henry is definitely not looking at that cheerleader's eyes.