Saturday, March 17, 2007

Kentucky Waterfall

This may be news to many of you because most of our pictures show Henry only from the front, where Henry is all business. But in the back? It's party time.
That's right, Henry is rockin' a mullet. No matter what you call it (Tennessee Top Hat, Alabama Shag, Canadian Passport, Hockey Hair, Beaver Paddle, Mud Flap, Neck Blanket, Shorty Longback (or Sho-Lo), Soccer Rocker, Yep-Nope, or Missouri Compromise), Henry has it. I'm sure the rest of his hair will come in fairly soon and provide some much-needed company to the already-arrived hair on the back of his head. But until then, we think Henry is in good hairdo company...

1 comment:

michaelhamner said...

Oh my gosh, Norie suffers from the same affliction. Except, how embarrassing--she is a girl! I Femmullet! I hope the rest comes in soon!