Friday, February 23, 2007

Super's Big Day Out

Wednesday was a big day for Henry. He and his mom spent the day in Oxford and he had his first play date...with Ford Lewis. The two spent some quality time together on Ford's couch comparing notes on things such as footy pajamas, diaper changes and wrapping parents around fingers.

That night, Henry experienced a major first: his first Ole Miss basketball game. Appropriately enough, it was Ole Miss vs. Georgia. He was great thanks to the Baby Bjorn (see picture of this miracle device on the left) and slept much of the time. Of course he did wake up toward the end and contributed to the roar of the crowd. He seems to think he did his own part to push the Rebels toward a tournament bid but he is still concerned about their RPI.

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Theresa said...

Henry's cute, but he seems to be missing some face paint or Rebel cheek sticker or basketball helmet.